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  Hygienic Process Plant  
  Boiler & High Pressure Pipelines  
  Airport Baggage Handling System  
  Skylights with Smoke Ventilation  
  Exechon CNC Technology  
Airport baggage handling systems – installation & maintenanceskylights with smoke & heat exhaust
Supply & Installation of Baggage Handling Conveyors.
Baggage Carousals, Weigh Scales, Power Bends.
Powered Curve, Merge and Spiral Conveyors.
Tilt Trays & Pushers, Diverters, Inclines & Declines.
Gravity Slides / Chutes in Fibre Glass & Stainless Steel.
Check-in Counters, SS Cladding & Decorative Works.
Maintenance of Airport Baggage Handling Systems.
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