Engineering Services

Design, supply & installation of stainless-steel turnkey projects including special purpose machines for manufacturing & process industries.

Engineering Design, Analysis and Technical Solutions


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  • Structural & Engineering Design, Analysis & Validation
  • FEA / FEM, CFD, Life-Cycle, Stress, Fatigue & Seismic Analysis
  • Plant Engineering Solutions, Generator Cooling & Acoustics
  • HVAC, Fluid & Thermal Dynamics, Optimization Solutions
  • Pipeline Stress Analysis & Pipe Supports Design, 3D Mapping

Cooling Solutions for Complete Automation Protection


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  • Complete innovative thermal management solutions for automation control panel enclosure performance.
  • NSF Certified Hygienic Enclosures.
  • Enclosure Cooling- Closed Loop, Open Loop & Conductive.
  • Compact Air Conditioners, Thermo-Electric Coolers, Air-to-Air & Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers, Filter Fans, Blowers, Impellers & Vortex Coolers.

Energy Effecient Air Curtains

VTS , Poland

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  • The WING air curtain is a device that aims to create an invisible barrier that separates environments with different air parameters from each other, with perfect combination of Silence & Power, Functionality & Design.
  • Minimalist modern housing shape
  • Energy-saving motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Up to 4 m air stream range