Our projects which showcase our credibility

Conveyor Projects

Food Industry

Conveyors for Bulk Tea Powder

Wide Body Gravity Roller Conveyor

Meals Inspection Conveyor

SS316 Wire-mesh Belt Conveyor

Conveyor for Mineral Water Bottles

Modular Belt Curve Conveyor

Egg Omlette Transferring Conveyor

Conveyor for One Ton Pallets

Conveyor Projects

Non Food Industry

Conveyor for Mining Explosives

Hot Metal Scrap Transfer Conveyor

Inclined Cleated Conveyor

Conveyors for SS Pipe Polishing

Conveyor for Paint Cans Filling Line

40m Belt Conveyor - Single Motor

Conveyors for Airport Baggage

Conveyor for Juice Bottles

Pipeline Projects

Food Grade

Mineral Water Filling Lines

Insulated Chilled Water Pipelines

1.5km Pipe Spools for Fuel & Oil

Insulated Overhead Pipelines

Ducts for Powder Extraction

Skid Mounted CIP System

Pipeline for Juice, Milk, Yogurt

Jacketed Lines for Chocolate

Hygienic Filtration Projects

Filter Assembly

Triplex Filters

Duplex Filters

Pilot Plants

Ultra Filtration System

Skid Mounted Filtration Unit

Reverse-Osmosis Filter Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

Hygienic Process Platforms Projects

30m long Process Platform

Hanging Platform for Filling

Hygienic Platform for Packaging

Hygienic Platform for 50 Ton Silos

Bulk Bag Unloading Stations

Operators Platforms

Maintenance Platforms

Platforms with Structural Design

Special Purpose Machines

Pneumatic Lid Pressing Machine

Stainless Steel Jib Crane

Automatic Inline Dilution System

SS Baking Trays & Trolleys

Insulation & Cladding of Tanks

Lifeline Systems for Safety

Hoist Beams with Hygienic Design

Polycarbonate Safety Covers

Tipping Station with Dust Extraction

Hygienic Containers Fabrication

Filling Machine Modification

Vibration Dampening System